Luggage Storage: Travel Light and Enjoy Montreal


Although we cannot store your luggage at any of our hotels, through our exclusive partnership with LuggageHero we're pleased to offer you secure luggage storage solutions for those moments before check-in or after check-out.

Special Offer: Use the coupon code SIMPLI3H for three hours of complimentary luggage storage nearby.

It's our little way of ensuring your Montreal adventures are unhindered.

Can I store my luggage anywhere on the property? Where can I find luggage storage at your hotel? Do you have on-site luggage storage facilities? How can I store my luggage before check-in? Is there a place to leave my bags at your hotel? Can I keep my luggage with you after check-out? Where is the luggage storage area in your hotel? What's the process for luggage storage at your property? Do you offer luggage storage for guests? How does luggage storage work at your hotel? Can I store my bags before or after my stay? Is there a fee for luggage storage? What is the cost of luggage storage at your hotel? Can you hold my luggage temporarily? Where can I drop off my bags before check-in time? Do you provide luggage storage assistance? Is there a service for leaving luggage at your hotel? Can I store my bags nearby while I explore the city? What are the luggage storage options at your hotel? How do I use the luggage storage service you offer? Is the luggage storage secure and safe? Can I leave my bags and luggage at the hotel? Can you recommend a place for luggage storage? Where can I redeem the coupon code for free luggage storage? What are the conditions for using the coupon code for luggage storage? Can you explain the details of the luggage storage special offer? How do I access the three hours of complimentary luggage storage? Can you provide more information about your partnership with LuggageHero? Are there specific locations for luggage storage near your hotel? What is the process for storing luggage with LuggageHero? Can I drop off my bags even if I'm not a guest at your hotel? Do I need to make a reservation for luggage storage? What happens if I need luggage storage for longer than three hours? How can I retrieve my luggage after storing it with LuggageHero? Can I use the coupon code for luggage storage during my stay?

Unfortunately we currently have nowhere we can securely store your luggage or bags at our hotels.