Parking Information


Off-Site Parking

Unfortunately, there is NO on-site parking available at the following locations:

Pierce Hotel | Stanley Court Apartments | Milton Parc Hotel | Holland Hotel | David Hotel

There are available options nearby and we invite you to reserve your parking spot a few days before your arrival by visiting:

You can also find free on-street parking spots using:

On-Site Parking

At Les Lofts du Centre we offer a paid parking option.

  • The parking cost is $20 CAD + applicable taxes per night.

  • Once booked and paid, a parking registration form is sent 72 hours prior to your arrival to provide us with your license plate and the model of your car. You will receive all parking information on the day of your arrival.

  • Please click HERE in order to book your parking spot now

  • Parking lot location at Les Lofts du Centre:

    • The parking is located behind the Dollarama Store, and you can access it through the little street on the left side of the building.

    • You can take any of the three available parking spots, as they are not assigned to a specific apartment.

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